Soft Nougat Cakes  Pre-sliced and wrapped 5.82Oz Slices  20/Cake

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Soft Nougat Dessert Cakes 4.23 Oz Slices 20/Cake 

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518XP Golden Pears and Dark Chocolate

518XC Dark Chocolate

Topped with Almonds

516XL Raspberries and White Chocolate with Raspberry Cream Filling


518.1 Fruit Cremes  Lemon,Strawberry Cream,  Country Berries, , Exotic Fruit

518.2 Chocolate Cremes  Cocoa Filled, Mixed Chocolate, Coffee ,

Orange Peel & Dark Chocolate 

518BI.2  Coffee nougat

with real coffee beans        

518CI.2  Almonds

518DI.2  Mixed Chocolate

518AMI.2  Sour Cherries,         Almonds & Hazelnuts

518GI.2  Lemon Creme with Lemon Peel Almonds & Hazelnuts

518OI.2  Strawberry & Cream, Almonds & Hazelnuts

518RI.2  Amaretti with real Amaretti Cookies,

Almonds & Hazelnuts

518UI.2  Cocoa Filled with Chocolate 

Drizzled on top, Almonds & Hazelnuts

518XEI.2  Zabaione Touch of Marsala, Chocolate Drizzled on Top

with Almonds & Hazelnuts

518QI.2  Pistachio

518WI.2  French Caramel

518EI.2  Exotic Fruit  Pineapple, Papaya, Melon, Cherries, Almonds & Hazelnuts

518HI.2  Raspberries & Chocolate,                 Almonds & Hazelnuts

518SI.2  Country Berries, Raspberries Blueberies, Blackberries, Strawberries, Sour Cherry

518XFI.2  Tiramisu

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