Bars -24 flavors  3.5Oz each   (Click on picture)

Rolls Chocolate Covered Nougat  

4 Flaovrs 5.29 Oz slices (Click on Picture)  

           Soft Nougat made in Italy 

   Spun from egg whites, plus honey,                       almonds, hazelnuts,  fruits                                and premium chocolate

    GLUTEN-FREE                                                          NON GMO                             



                       NO PALM OIL

                                               NO PRESERVATIVES

Cakes 18 Flavors 5.82 Oz Slices &                    Dessert cakes 3 Flavors 4.23 Oz Slices

                      (Click on picture)

Gift packages bite size pieces 14 Assorted Flavors and Celebration cakes 3 flavors

                  (Click on picture)

Portions Chocolate Topped Nougat

5.29 Oz 10 Flavors (Click on Picture)

Florentines  Caramelized Bite Size Nuts Covered in Chocolate  3 Flavors (Click on Picture)