500 Mini-bars 7.06 Oz

Dark Chocolate, Country Berries, Amaretti Almonds/Hazelnuts


587A.B Bite Size Wrapped Pieces 1.98 Lb

 Strawberry,  Country Berries,

Tropical Fruit,  Sour Cherry.

Halloween Pack Mini Bars 7.06 Oz

 Strawberry,  Country Berries,

Tropical Fruit,  Sour Cherry.

Soft Nougat Mini-Bars  1.76 Oz  15/Display

500.2 AM   Almonds/Hazelnuts

500.2CI Dark Chocolate

500.2AM Amaretti

500.2FDB Country Berries,

507.46 La Dolce Vita Peanut Nougat Bars 

3.5 Oz 25/case

Tropical Fruit  Almonds, Cranberry,

AmarettiDark Chocolate

Also mono flavor available

507 Star Chocolate Soft Nougat

Bars with Stars

15 Bars/Display

516 Desert Cake

Chocolate  Nougat with Stars

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