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500.US 4 packMini bars case and single b
589.B - Sacchetto 900g ASSORTED Small Pi

500 Mini-bars 7.06 Oz

Dark Chocolate, Country Berries, Amaretti Almonds/Hazelnuts

587A.B Bite Size Wrapped Pieces 1.98 Lb

 Strawberry,  Country Berries,

Tropical Fruit,  Sour Cherry.

Halloween Pack Mini Bars 7.06 Oz

 Strawberry,  Country Berries,

Tropical Fruit,  Sour Cherry.

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Soft Nougat Mini-Bars  1.76 Oz  15/Display

500.2 Mini Almond.jpg
500.2CI ChocolateMini bars Chocolate.jpg
500.2AM amarettiMini bars Amaretti.jpg
500.2FDB Mini bars Country Berries.jpg

500.2 AM   Almonds/Hazelnuts

500.2CI Dark Chocolate

500.2AM Amaretti

500.2FDB Country Berries,

La dolce vita_assorted nougat bars displ

507.46 La Dolce Vita Peanut Nougat Bars 

3.5 Oz 25/case

Tropical Fruit  Almonds, Cranberry,

AmarettiDark Chocolate

Also mono flavor available


507 Star Chocolate Soft Nougat

Bars with Stars

15 Bars/Display

516.STAR - Dessert Cake.jpg

516 Desert Cake

Chocolate  Nougat with Stars