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         NOUGAT PASSION SINCE 1924                               

1924- Antonio and Alzira Quaranta produced hand crafted nougat from their home.

They delivered products with their truck to local customers.


Early 70’s- Antonio’s son, Enrico Quaranta worked in the family business and opened

a factory in Caravaggio. Enrico’s wife Tina also worked in the company and handled

the back office duties.                                                                                                                                                Late 70’s- Fabio and Massimo Quaranta were born and grew up in the business.




Fabio, the oldest son has a Doctorate in business while Massimo has a Doctorate in food science






                                                                                                                                                                            2014- Enrico passed away and his wife and sons run the business.


2015- Quaranta opened a new 150,000 square foot innovative and eco-friendly factory.

The building is hermetically sealed to keep external pollutants out. 

City water is filtered before entering the building as well as

outside air.  Mechanical systems are located in ceiling spaces

above production areas which eliminates any potential dust,

dirt or grime from gathering on piping, conduits and other

equipment entering the clean production areas.


BRC is an international organization and provides a

framework to manage product safety, integrity,

legality and quality, and the erational controls for

these criteria, in the food and food ingredient manufacturing,

processing and packing industry.


Quaranta is registered with BRC and ISF and get the highest ratings for cleanliness, ingredient and business dealings.


Today- Quaranta sells in +55 countries appealing to all cultures.  They continuously develop new products and recipes to keep the marketplace fresh.


The Factory

Bob Ferina, Enrico, Fabio and Tina

Fabio and Massimo

Fabio and Massimo

Fabio and Massimo

Enrico, Fabio and Massimo

Original recipe book 1924

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