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Florentines--  Bite Size  Pieces of Crunchy

Caramelized  Nuts with Chocolate Coating 

54 Florentine Display - EXPO_Florentine_
54 Florentine Assorted flavours - SINGOL

521.P54 Florentines 

Caramelized Nuts and Pistachios

1.41 Oz 28/Display

654A, 654B, 654C, 654D, 654P - 54 Brittl
654P 54 Brittle Display - EXPO_Crocc_Pis

654A.US Almond Brittle 2.12 Oz 22/Display

654C.US Hazelnut Brittle 2.47 Oz 18/Display

654P.US Pistachio Brittle 1.94 Oz 26/Display

654B.US Peanut Brittle 1.76 Oz 24/Display

654D.US Sesame Brittle 1.76 )z 28/Display

521.C Florentines 



Hazelnuts & Chocolate


Nuts & Pistachio

3.53 Oz 14/Tray

565.4, 566.4, 567.4, 565.A, 565.P Carame

565.4.US Caramelized Almonds 

566.4.US Caramelized Hazelnuts 

567.4.US Caramelized Peanuts 

565.A.US Caramelized Almonds/Amaretti

565.P.US Almonds &Pistachio

All 5.29.Oz 16/Box