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Pastry chefs from Venice, Italy craft cookies rich in butter & eggs with
natural, quality ingredients filled with chocolate, apricot and cherry fillings.
Eye appeal packaging creates impulse buy, Variety of flavors results in repeat sales.

Baci (Kisses) Filled Cookies-8.82 Oz
Chocolate               Cherry               Apricot

Bussolai Ripieni 8.82 Oz
            Cherry             Apricot
              Essi (S Cookies) 
               Filled Cookies 8.82 Oz
           Cherry             Apricot
     Souvenir- Unfilled Cookies  8.82 Oz
Essi, Zaletti (Corn Flower & Raisins), Almond, Ch
ocolate, Mixed Veneziano, Dolce del Gondoliere (Chocolate)

Etichetta Oro (Gold label) Unfilled Cookies 8.82 Oz
Orange, Lemon, Almond, Strawberry, Chocolate, Mixed, Peverini (Cocoa & Pepper)
Choc Filling_edited.jpg
Filling Apricot_edited.jpg
Filling Cherry.jpg
Filled S Cookies.jpg
Filled S cookies Choc.jpg
S Cookie Cherry Filling.jpg

Gift Boxes-  Buruano Houses, Rialto Bridge, Tins (Various Venice Pictures) Box

Railto Bridge.jpg
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